Living comfortably should be effortless 

Based on the premise that living comfortably should be effortless, Marso Living develops essential collections of bedding and home textiles in Switzerland. Timeless but always with a modern point of view, every piece is created to make life more peaceful with a sense of ease and refinement.

With our own production facility in Switzerland, we are able to follow every step of the way to ensure we deliver a product that upholds the highest standard of our industry. All our Bedding, Duvet and Pillows are made in Switzerland and our Bed Linens are made in Portugal.



The Founders

Marso Living was launched in 2019, by its two founders Marc Müller and Sofia Seckinger. Together, they share a mission to create a modern, authentic bedding brand built on their family heritage.


Marc is the third generation of family members running a bedding production facility in Switzerland. The topics of goose down, perfect pillows and the meaning of Swiss quality has been discussed around the kitchen table ever since he was born and made him become a bedding expert by nature. Marc is driven by excellent craftsmanship, sustainability and have the highest quality standards — values he applies to his daily life and of course, to Marso Living. Because being Swiss means just that and so much more.


Sofia grew up to the sound of sewing machines and the vision of women in luxurious gowns. Her mother ran a small atelier in Sweden making haute couture, where Sofia spent each day after school, mostly playing with fabrics or daydreaming inside the closet filled with bridal gowns. The knowledge about textiles came naturally by growing up in the atelier, but the greatest lesson of all was seeing her mother working with her perfect attention to detail, listening to her customers and serving their individual needs. This is what Sofia does at Marso Living every day.




" At the core of responsible consumption is the idea that every consumer decision has an impact " - Sofia Seckinger, Co-Founder 

Encouraging responsible consumption

We share a mission to approach textile production from a global perspective of responsible consumption by creating home textiles and bedding that fill a real need; that are timeless in their quality and style and can be passed onto the next generation. Following our mission of encouraging responsible consumption, we offer a recycling program for used down products.

With respect for our planet

At Marso Living we are committed to respect and care for our planet and everything on it; nature, humans and animals. All our textiles carry the Oeko-Tex certification which means our products are free of harmful chemicals and safe for you and our planet. Our down and feathers are ethically sourced and certified by Downpass, a quality certification that stands for animal protection and welfare. We also partner with the nonprofit organization Hilf dem Tier to support pets in need of new homes. Read more here. To donate please press here.