Marso Living

Synthetic Duvet

SFr. 139

Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of sleep. All of our synthetic duvets are composed of 100% microfiber fill, offering the same feeling of comfort as our down products. We enclose the filling with a soft cotton shell to give fantastic breathability. Square quilting is used to distribute the down evenly, ensuring you are warm from head to toe.

Our synthetic filling
We use a mix of spun polyamides that produces strands as fine as a human hair. The result is a dense, light filling that is incredibly soft to touch. Microfiber down alternative is a brilliant choice for allergy sufferers as it avoids the irritants found in duck down and can be washed at higher temperatures.

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100% microfiber.
100% cotton shell.
2 year warranty.

At Marso Living we are committed to respect and care for our planet and everything on it; nature, humans and animals. All our textiles carry the Oeko-Tex certification which means our products are free of harmful chemicals and safe for you and our planet. Our down and feathers are ethically sourced and certified by Downpass, a quality certification that stands for animal protection and welfare. We also partner with the nonprofit organization Hilf dem Tier to support pets in need of new homes. Read more here. To donate please press here.

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