Furnishing a bedroom is not always easy. You want to create an oasis of well-being that is relaxing and restful at the end of the day. But where is the best place to start? With these 5 furnishing tips for your bedroom, this becomes very easy!

A neutral and moody color palette 

Colors play an important role in creating a relaxed and calm atmosphere. Color can arouse different feelings and is an unconscious but important part of everyday life. 

For those who prefer to be on the safe side, we recommend going for a neutral color palette. Colors such as beige, cream and warm shades of gray have a very relaxing effect in a bedroom. Great examples of this are: Fitzrovia 26 , Limestone 55 or Egyptian Gray 154

But those who prefer something a little more daring could achieve the wow factor with a green or blue accent wall. Blue radiates calm and balance. With the color green you achieve a natural and harmonious bedroom. Colors such asGreenstone 190 , Mayfair Dark 218 , or Blueprint 50 can give the room a cozy feeling, even with slightly darker color nuances. 

5 tips for the perfect bedroom I Marso Living

Cozy and soft lighting 

Lighting a bedroom is something that many people neglect. In the bedroom, different light sources are a must to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. 

A ceiling light for everyday use like this Bamboo Ceiling Lamp from N+G or the Pale lamp by George give the room enough light. We recommend a color temperature of 2600-2800 Kelvin for the light bulb. Thus, the bedroom is well lit, but at the same time not too bright. When you snuggle up under the sheets in the evening, a soft reading light on the side table or a wall lamp next to the bed is the element that brings cosiness into the bedroom. 

Another quick tip about the hanging lights. You've probably wondered how low you should hang them. With a ceiling height of 240 cm, we recommend hanging the lamp about 30 - 50 cm from the ceiling. The higher the ceiling, the more leeway you have. But don't forget that you should leave about 30 cm of headroom for passers-by under the lamp. 5 tips for the perfect bedroom I Marso Living

Materials, textures and soft elements

The bed is the central element in the bedroom. With the many pillows and blankets, it offers a cozy and soft retreat. To continue spreading this softness in the bedroom, the curtain is a must. This makes the ceiling appear higher and also scores with functionality. We also recommend a fluffy rug under your feet for the cold winter months and a comfortable armchair in the corner of the room so that you can read a good book at the end of a long day. 

Don't be afraid to mix different textures and materials! Different woods and fabrics (more on that shortly) give the room that certain something and make it stand out. 

A tip on how to combine different types of wood. First find out which wood color is dominant in your bedroom. This can be the floor or a large piece of furniture. From here it's relatively easy. Create a contrast and combine light wood tones with dark wood tones. Woods that go well together are, for example, oak, walnut and cherry. Always ask yourself whether the wood tone is warm or cold. Combine the warm and cold tones together for an optimal result! 5 tips for the perfect bedroom I Marso Living


Painting the walls is the first step in creating a cozy bedroom, but it doesn't end there. Pictures are often neglected in the sleeping area. But they can give the room that certain something. We recommend quiet motifs. Watercolor paintings depicting a landscape or abstract paintings in neutral tones with lots of texture. These give an elegant flair to the bedroom. Such paintings relax the eye and give you something to dream about. 5 tips for the perfect bedroom I Marso Living

The right bedding 

There's nothing better than slipping into your pajamas at the end of a long day and curling up on the pillows. The right bed linen is responsible for this cloudy feeling. For a uniform look, we recommend working with a uniform color palette. At the same time, they should be wary of colorful patterns, as these can be distracting to the eye. You are on the safe side with plain colored bed linen. 

For a luxurious feel, satin bedding is just the ticket. It feels light and silky soft on the skin. Combined with a blanket made of wool , they create a supple oasis of well-being. 

Linen bedding is perfect for summer. Due to the slightly tense fibers, linen is breathable and permeable to air, which is ideal for hot summer nights. Because of their durability, linen bedding can last a lifetime.

Don't be afraid to mix and match different fabrics, it can make a big difference in your bedroom. 

5 tips for the perfect bedroom I Marso Living

Interior packages

If, despite these 5 tips, you are still unsure how to implement your vision of the perfect bedroom, Noa + Ginger can help you further. With the interior styling packages , a mood board (= a visual illustration) of your bedroom is created for you. In addition, in the Interior Package you will find all the items you need to create the bedroom of your dreams!