Marso Living in Wohnrevue December 2021 edition

"New additions are warm blankets made of high-quality merino wool and pure cashmere, which invite you to snuggle up and linger. Thanks to the subtle color palette ... it fits into practically all style worlds"

Marso Living on balance sheet

"Sofia Seckinger and Marc Müller started their startup Marso Living in 2019 with the promise of bringing a breath of fresh air to the sleepy bedding industry. This has resulted in a small, fine Swiss brand that is simple in design, careful in terms of procurement and production and quality."

residential revue "Shared passion for quality, fairness and sustainability."

The ideal home

"With Marso Living, the two young entrepreneurs have been stirring up the home textiles market with Swiss awareness of the best quality and Scandinavian flair for timeless design." "What began in Zurich with the search for fair bed linen ended in founding our own label."

"This is currently my charcoal linen bedding (I was worried for a moment that dark bedding would look porn - but no, I love it!)."

daily indicator "The sets in natural color nuances are made of satin and linen and exude timeless, Scandinavian chic. The fabrics are also Oeko-Tex certified and therefore free of harmful substances. "

NZZ Bellevue "The products are non-toxic, Oeko-Tex approved and the down is Downpass certified, a seal that ensures the animal materials are ethically sourced and come from controlled and traceable supply chains."

Swiss magazine "The Swiss startup Marso Living specializes in bedding and home textiles and stands for timeless design and high-quality products made in Switzerland - we don't have to sleep twice over that."

Marso Living in Style Swiss Magazine

"Linen bedding went viral, maybe because everyone was too lazy to iron. Because a crumpled pillow is not only allowed, but desired. And because linen can do so many things."

20 min

"It's not for nothing that they say: 'As you make your bed, so you lie down.' If you want to be on the safe side, you will find natural and sustainable materials from fair production with the Oeko-Tex seal at Marso Living."

20 minutes lifestyle

"Homeware that makes you happy - even your favorite towel with a fleece factor is enough at home."

Marso Living in Girlfriend

"A little pampering treatment for permanently washed and disinfected hands: the new lotion from Marso Living, the Zurich start-up for home textiles. It smells fresh of bergamot and orange peel."

Marso Living in Interior Suisse

"Durable products from resource-saving production and the associated social responsibility is the credo of the hour. A number of Swiss home textile labels have also made it their mission."

woman "Our favorite bedroom accessory - The down pillow from Marso Living."

Marso Living in Archithema

"In addition to towels and accessories, the Zurich start-up Marso Living is now also presenting a duo of hand soap and hand lotion, a seductive pampering program"

Marso Living in Bolero

"Sustainability is top priority for you and you only put natural things on your hands? Then these ointments should be on the shopping list."

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