The earth is our home. And of course everything revolves around our home. We pursue the topic of sustainability with full conviction and are constantly developing it further. Our sustainability mission at Marso Living is to foster a mindful consumption movement. In 2020 we launched a circular business model, which has evolved into the three pillars of sustainability that form our foundation today: circularity, traceability and reducing impact.

Sustainability Marso Living

Our three pillars of sustainability

1. Circularity

We design a life cycle product with the intent to repair, reuse and recycle

In the spirit of the circular economy, together with our bedding producer in Zurich, we have successfully introduced a recycling program for all our customers, who can send back old bedding when buying new Marso Living products. The customer simply places the old bedding in the box we used to ship the new products and uses the return label. When the bedding arrives with us, we separate the individual parts of the bedding, mainly divided into textiles and feathers or polyester fibers, into their respective "washing process". The textiles are usually recycled as "waste", while the feathers and down do not have an "end date" and after a proper wash and control by our production machines, they serve their purpose again. Although we offer this service to all our customers and include this information in our thank you cards, this service has not been used as much as we would like. We hope word gets around and more people take advantage of the opportunity to recycle with us. In addition, we offer repair options for our products at professional partners.

2. Traceability

We work on the traceability of every material used, from the fiber to the final product, with transparency and social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

In terms of traceability, all of our down products are marked with the DOWNPASS ethical certification, which is important to us because we care about the entire planet and all life on it. DOWNPASS guarantees high quality and the assurance that the down and feathers used as filling material are ethically sourced and come from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains. Each individual sealed product is filled with down and feathers that have been checked and can be traced back via an individual check number. This number can be found on the DOWNPASS label. Marso Living's line of bedding is made from Oeko-Tex certified cotton and flax to ensure ethical and sustainable practices have been used throughout the manufacturing process.

3. Impact reduction

We measure the impact of our production and organization to actively reduce our ecological footprint

This is more of a general area where all our actions are taken into account. To name a few, we support WfW with a water project where we run a separate towel collection, a portion of which goes to this water education foundation. As all of our products are OEKO-TEX certified, this means that factories limit the use of water and waste water. Last but not least, we send all our products in recycled packaging and participate in the Aterbara by Avisera project to contribute to climate protection (more on this in the link). We also do not encourage free returns (unlike our partners) as this could significantly increase our carbon footprint.

Marso Living Sustainability

Committed to our earth - nature, people and animals

" At the heart of sustainability is the idea that every purchasing decision has an impact " - Sofia Seckinger, co-founder

Marso Living Certificates All of our products are Oeko-Tex certified, meaning they are non-toxic and safe for you and our planet. Our down and feathers are ethically sourced and certified by Downpass , a seal of quality that guarantees animal welfare.

Mindful consumption means taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of a product. By creating designs that last, ensuring they stay in use for as long as possible and offering options for continued ownership, we can work towards reducing the impact of our business - Marso Living 2022.