The right bedding can turn your sleep from a routine into an amazing nightly ritual. If you care for and wash your linens properly, you can maintain linen quality for years to come in a few simple steps.

  1. Choose the right temperature.

Read the label on your linens before putting them in the washing machine for the first time. We advise washing cotton bedding at 40°C––this is gentle on the natural cotton fibers and will help maintain the longevity of your bedding.

  1. The right laundry for your bed linen.

It is advisable to wash linens separately to prevent discoloration and to avoid overloading the washing machine. A pair of pillowcases, bed sheets, and a large duvet cover will fill about two-thirds of your washing machine––the perfect amount to ensure full detergent distribution and a thorough wash. We do not recommend using fabric softener as it destroys the natural properties of cotton fibers. If you love the smell of fabric softener, you can just spritz the linens with a laundry spray while they're drying instead.

  1. Don't let stains dry.

When your linens are the focal point of your bedroom, there's a risk of them getting stained. It is important to treat these stains as soon as possible. Soak stains directly with cold water. If the stains have dried before you can attend to them, pre-treat the stains with special stain removers before putting the linens in the washing machine.

Cleaning your Marso Living bed linen

  1. Hang your linens out to dry.

Hang your linens on a tumble dryer or in your linen closet once the wash cycle is complete. By air drying, you prevent wrinkles and creases in the laundry and also avoid additional stress on the fibers from machine drying. Cotton fibers love natural care, and air drying allows the fabric to recover.

  1. Iron your linens to enjoy fresh laundry just like in a hotel.

When your laundry is completely dry, store it in a cool, dry closet and out of direct sunlight. Make sure your laundry has enough space and spread it out in the closet. By doing this, you allow your bedding to breathe and recover. In addition to air drying, you can iron your linens perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free. Iron damp linens on the highest setting as soon as they come out of the machine. To avoid the freshly washed laundry slipping on the floor, you can set up your iron right next to your bed and let the mattress catch the covers and sheets.

All of these tips are relatively self-explanatory, but we often forget them in our busy, stressful lives. Giving your bedding the right level of care and attention will also give your sleep the priority it deserves.