A 'Tiny Team' works under the umbrella of The Tiny Factory. What unites them all is the joy of creation, high quality standards, an eye for detail and their affinity for aesthetics. All of this manifests itself with every single movement. Her work process involves a lot of dedication. While the production team heats the oven, many other helpers take care of the countless subsequent work steps in the background. Good quality, sustainable production and the use of organically grown food and environmentally friendly materials are very important to Sibylle Jenni (founder of The Tiny Factory).

The Tiny Factory Team

Find out more about Sibylle Jenni, her success story and products from The Tiny Factory in our blog post.

Tell us something about yourself.

I'm probably a very active person, I like to put ideas into action - the demands on me and the result are always rather high :). Good quality in everything, and that usually requires the story behind it, is important to me. I like to dance, exchange ideas with people who are close to my heart and enjoy. I also try not to take everything so seriously.

How is life in Zurich?

Free and happy. I think I'm good at ignoring the so-called rush :). I love having a lot of choice, and yet the city is so small that I can cycle everywhere - even in winter.

Your favorite place, restaurant, swimming pool or insider tip?

I'm drawn back there again and again (perhaps just out of habit): in and around the Museum Rietberg, to the spinach donut from the bakery, to the Frauenbadi, to Rosso and up to the Rigiblick.

We understand that you have spent some time in San Francisco. What did you do there and when did you come back to Switzerland?

Yes, I've often been "going to San Francisco", filled my heart with longing, made friends and learned to love granola. My longest stay was half a year, which I financed with babysitting and as a barista. Then reality, or rather my real foundation, brought me back to Switzerland.

You founded The Tiny Factory in 2015, what was your inspiration and recipe for success?

In Switzerland I lacked decorative product packaging that was ecological and at the same time appealing to the eye. Since I felt the desire to create and bring something to market, my practiced granola roasting was a good choice. I think my inspiration for the packaging comes from good old English style, the quality of the content comes from body conscious California :-)

3 types of breakfast granola

As we have experienced ourselves, the step into self-employment involves a lot of courage and risks. What were the biggest difficulties for you and your team and what tips do you have for other founders to overcome them successfully?

I didn't go all out straight away, so I set up the 'Tiny' on the side. This was financially more secure, but this approach required a good deal of multitasking, flexibility and little time for my private life. Now that I can fully focus on the 'Tiny', I'm enjoying more composure and professionalism. This is also good for the team.

I wouldn't do it any other way, I simply advise you to be aware that your own growing company requires a great deal of attention and care.

What Makes The Tiny Factory Granola Unique?

Our "tiny secret" that we attach ;). The manual work is clearly reflected in the taste of this product. It is very rich in nuts, only mildly and plant-based sweetened and all raw materials are organic and fair trade.

How should one imagine the production process of your "muesli's"?

Mixing all the ingredients, covering the baking trays, roasting in the oven, allowing to cool, bottling. A production takes about five hours with us.

Production process of granola

What is your personal favorite granola and which is the favorite of your customers?

The classic. As well as the customers. The demand for the other two varieties varies depending on the season: in winter, many more people want the one with the dark chocolate pieces in it, and from spring they want the sour cherries again.

Which breakfast granola would you recommend to our readers for a vital and energetic start to the day?

This combination: quark, apple mousse, granola and a few pieces of seasonal fruit. At the moment, for example, with dates.

Granola in bed

Where are your products available?

In addition to our online shop, there are more than 40 exquisite delicatessen and design shops throughout Switzerland, such as John Baker, einzigart, Globus and L'Ultimo Bacios.

What are the next steps of The Tiny Factory?

A few more collaborations with other Swiss producers are being planned and a 100% Swiss granola is currently being created. And basically we want to refine and improve everything that we can every day.

Your version of "counting sheep"?

Well, I've been able to warm myself to sleep under the Marso living down comforter for a while, but if my head still wants to stay active, then I imagine the most beautiful version of my current dream and I'm gone..

Sibylle Jenni

When does your day start and how do you start it?

at 6.45am (wish I could write 6am). With a cup of green tea and a few stretches before the shower.

What should not be missing in your bedroom?

my alarm clock

How many pillows do you use?


Bedside tables tell a lot about a person. What's on yours?

My current book, my alarm clock and the lunar calendar

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