Chic, hip, pretty, retro, trendy, elegant and stylish... Yes, we need a lot more words to describe this girl! Get to know Leandra Nef in our latest blog post #mymarsoliving. She tells us how to set up a stylish 28m² home, where she prefers to shop for vintage furniture and who serves the best brunch in trendy District 3.

profession and passion?

Lifestyle editor at "annabelle", the oldest women's magazine in Switzerland. We've been around since 1938. My work with all its facets, writing, analog photography - and thanks to my first own apartment, I've definitely discovered my passion for furnishing.

You just moved in recently. A tip for moving?

After the moving action, have enough pizza and beer ready for the helpers. Especially when you move into the attic apartment and the house doesn't have a lift.

Is there a housewarming party? Who is invited?

I wanted to celebrate one - then the lockdown came. I'll probably combine them with my birthday in September now. I grab my neighbors' roof terrace for one evening and invite as many heart people as heart people fit on the roof.

Favorite room in your apartment?

I don't have that much choice with my two rooms on 28 square meters, but definitely my bedroom with the herringbone parquet. It was at the top of the priority list when looking for an apartment.
MYMARSOLIVING with Leandra Nef

How do you furnish when you only have 28 square meters available?

Very conscious. I definitely didn't want to overload my little hideaway. The fewer pieces of furniture, the more important each individual piece becomes, the look and the quality.

What's your record in assembling Ikea furniture?

20 minutes? I have only assembled one piece of Ikea furniture in my life, a bedside table, ten years ago. Today I often buy second-hand instead of Ikea. There is so much beautiful vintage furniture - and it's even more sustainable. You just have to be careful not to overdo it with granny chic. That's why I've treated myself to one or the other designer piece and mix vintage with contemporary.

The best shops for vintage furniture in Zurich?

Furniture Zurich. That's when I discovered most of the treasures - not in the shop on Kalkbreitestrasse, but in their warehouse, which is somewhat hidden and is only open on Saturday afternoons: my mirrors, the serving trolley, the Horgenglarus table ... Also Bliss Modern Antiques . And the Insta account @vintage_fundus, behind which is a Zurich advertising agency and film production company that occasionally clears out its warehouse. That's when I got hold of my 1950s sideboard. It allegedly once played a supporting role in a Swiss health insurance company commercial. And for home accessories, be sure to drop by Söllis Näh 's curated pop-up sales. They are organized by two former work colleagues of mine.

Where do you get your design pieces from?

I found the Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia for Knoll at Tutti. The Arnold Circus Stool by Martino Gamper in the special color Pistachio at Edition Populaire. My bed is a Tojo V, recommended to me by a friend. It won the International Design Prize in 2002. On my balcony is the Alexo parasol from Glatz , a Swiss classic. And I got my new cobalt blue vase from the Prague design studio Dechem.

Your favorite decorative element?

Flower! I get them from Blumenpost about once a week. They only sell Swiss flowers that are currently growing in the fields. I buy plants from the Berlin brand Bergamotte, which occasionally organizes a “pop-up jungle” in Zurich. And Frida Verde , a Swiss online shop for plants, will soon be going live.
MYMARSOLIVING with Leandra Nef

Your favorite color?

Currently muted green - everything between pistachio and olive.

Where do you get inspiration for furnishing?

With friends, in magazines and on Instagram. Model Elsa Hosk, for example, has amazing aesthetics when it comes to interiors. But obviously also a huge budget

A household appliance you couldn't live without?

My Dyson vacuum cleaner. It's life- changing. Cordless and can be operated with one hand. I vacuum while brushing my teeth.

When does your day start?

As early as possible. I celebrate the morning.

How does your alarm sound?

I use one of those horrible iPhone alarm sounds.

What makes you happy in the morning?

That I live in the middle of the city and still get woken up by the chirping of birds. That I can get dressed, jump on my bike and drive to the Frauenbadi in 15 minutes and jump into the Limmat there before work.
MYMARSOLIVING with Leandra Nef

your breakfast?

Berries and fruits with almond butter. Sometimes fajitas too, I have pretty quirky eating habits.

Eating in bed is a no-go - true or false?

Not correct! Count the Darvida crumbs in my bed.

You live in Wiedikon. Where are you going for brunch there?

In " Kafi Dihei ", which is really cozy. And 169 West , which serves fabulous weekend specials and is so close I can practically roll out of bed.

And where is lunch and dinner?

My all-time favorites include the Tantanmen Ramen at “ Miki ” and the Momos “Öpis Neus” at “ Tenz ” – with spinach and cheese. The ultimate Friday night snack is available at « Légère »: Mac'n'Cheese Balls. And if you fancy vegan cuisine at a really high level, go to " Kle ". In the lockdown I discovered the local shops for myself, since then I have been cooking myself more often.

The best aperitif locations in Zurich?

In summer definitely the " Nude " and the " Riva " on the Limmat. In the "Nude" they mix the best drink in town, the Blue Fly. Also the Badi Unterer Letten, which turns into the “ Flusssbar ” with live music on Tuesdays – except this year. The best snacks for an aperitif are available in the “ Gamper Bar ”, so be sure to order sourdough bread with butter.

How do you relax when you get home?

I read on the balcony and enjoy the evening atmosphere in the inner courtyard.

What does your evening beauty routine look like?

I have to pass. I have no. I hardly ever wear make-up, so I can't even take my make-up off. I mean, sure, I wash my face, but I guess that doesn't deserve the term "beauty routine."

Bedside tables reveal a lot about a person. What's on yours?

Unread magazines, the book "Why does misfortune have more imagination than happiness" with 800 philosophical questions about life and a small plant.

How many pillows do you use to sleep?

MYMARSOLIVING with Leandra Nef

Bed linen crisp or smooth?

Linen, so crisp.

Two things you do right before bed?

Sorry: check my cell phone. And, pretty cheesy: look up at the starry sky. It's going pretty well up here on the roof.

Your version of counting sheep?

Watching «10vor10» and documentaries until my eyes close. Sometime in the morning at two I wake up, laptop still on, light still on. It doesn't happen as often as it used to, but I really need to get used to it.