Many of us don't change our bedding every season, but to avoid tossing and turning in the summer heat at night, it may be wise to use a bedding set that won't withstand hot temperatures at night worse. So, away with your flannel covers! Read our tips on finding the best bedding for a cool and comfortable night's sleep here.

Use (only) a light cover as a blanket

A cooler night begins with mothballing the down comforter along with your other thick winter bedding like flannel sheets and throws for the summer. Instead of bedding that stores heat, simply use lighter versions that will make you feel comfortable even on the warmest summer morning. Use a duvet made of cotton or linen.

Opt for natural fibers

Fibers made from natural materials such as cotton or linen are particularly breathable and wick away sweat and moisture, allowing you to sleep cool and dry, unlike synthetic fibers, which are not particularly breathable. (Studies show that the average person loses about half a liter of sweat per night. Yuck!) We recommend 100% cotton bedding.

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Choose a light color

For the summer months, choose a light color for your bedding that will reflect rather than absorb the light coming through the windows into your bedroom. White or light-colored fabrics are also easier to bleach. But remember to use lukewarm water to wash your sheets and not to dry them at high temperatures to keep the quality as long as possible. It's even better to dry the covers and sheets in the open air so that they get that wonderful smell of the sun.