It is very difficult to understand why some people abandon cats or dogs. Currently, the number of dogs and cats abandoned in Europe is estimated at a staggering 100 million -- a number that is difficult to digest. What motivates a human being to dispose of an innocent animal that is totally dependent on humans in this way?

Both Marc and I, the co-owners of Marso Living, were fortunate to grow up around pets and experienced their never-ending, unconditional love. This is why animal welfare is so important to us. So it's only natural that our office is right next to a sheep farm––which, believe it or not, provides plenty of entertainment. And Gusti, Marc's dachshund, also spends a lot of time with us, mostly sleeping blissfully on a Marso Living pillow in the corner of our office. When we have to work late, he's the perfect furry companion.

As a company, Marso Living is fully committed to caring for our planet and everyone who lives on it. We do that by making products that aren't disposable, and by communicating and promoting the sustainability and longevity of high-quality products. We also support non-profit organizations that are committed to social issues and environmental protection.

That's why we've teamed up with Hilf dem Tier , a non-profit Swiss organization that takes in animals that have been abandoned in Europe, cares for them and places them with new owners. The organization adopts animals from shelters in Switzerland, France and Greece, and is made up of a team of 21 passionate employees who have an amazing mission––to reduce the number of pets without a loving home.

So how exactly do we support Help the Animal ? On the one hand, we donate part of our profits to help the organization take in dogs and cats and give them a new home.

Marc and I, as well as our entire Marso Living team–––along with all the abandoned dogs and cats––thank you very much for your support.
Sofia Seckinger- Co-Founder of Marso Living

We help abandoned animals

Top left is me (Sofia) when I was 5 years old with my cat Junior that we picked from a shelter, then you have Marc swimming with Gusti followed by lots of more images of Gusti in our office, in bed and with flying ears.