Celebrate summer and enjoy the weekend mornings even more by giving your bedroom a fresh, seasonal update.

Marso Living bedroom

Get your bed ready for summer!
First things first: Your bed deserves a summer makeover. More than stylistic tweaks, these simple tweaks can save you hours of sleep. Swap your warm winter duvet for a light summer duvet and choose lightweight sheets , covers and throws that you can pull up on a cooler night or leave at the end of the bed on a warmer evening.

Choose the right materials
The ultimate summer bed isn't just a question of the duvet: it's also about choosing light and airy materials for your bed linen. Natural fabrics like linen and cotton tend to be the most airy and comfortable choices for summer.

Marso Living bedroom

Choose a light, cool palette
When it comes to color choice, there are practical reasons for choosing classic white summer bed linen, as it always looks fresh and cozy and the color does not absorb heat compared to darker colours.
Shades on the cool side of the color spectrum (light blues, whites, and grays) can make a warm room more bearable, and colors that mimic nature are known to be very calming.

Bring nature indoors
Introducing plants and other natural elements into a space—whether potted plants, fresh foliage, or flowers from the garden—will instantly make the space feel more summery. Plants and flowers bring life to the space and connect the space with nature even if it is in the middle of the city. Greenery and fresh flowers are not only a great visual element, but they also help keep the air in your bedroom clean so you can sleep optimally.

We wish you a wonderful summer time.

Marso Living bedroom