It is well known that being in nature is of great benefit to our health, happiness and general well-being. By inviting a little bit of nature into our homes, we can also enjoy these benefits when we are indoors and when we are sleeping. Because aside from brightening up the room, houseplants bring many health benefits. It has been proven that keeping and caring for plants purifies the air and promotes calm and serenity. The scientific part of this shows that many houseplants improve air quality by increasing humidity levels. Dry indoor air is to blame for many ailments such as sore throats, breathing problems and even breakouts. Plants maintain—and sometimes even increase—humidity and oxygen levels by releasing water vapor during transpiration. What's even more incredible is that plants produce negative ions (similar to air purification machines). The negative ions attach to and remove particles such as allergens, mold spores, dust and bacteria. The presence of these negative ions has been shown to increase mental health, productivity and overall well-being.

Put simply, plants are amazing & that's exactly what Frida Verde realized!

Frida Verde is a young Zurich plant e-commerce startup dedicated to quality and sustainability. Frida Verde offers a large selection of beautiful plants and accompanies each of her customers with tips and tricks for a long plant life. Simply order online and quickly at your home. We wanted to know from Sophie Jäggli, one of the founders, which indoor plants are best suited for the bathroom.

Green accents quickly transform a cool and bare bathroom into an oasis of well-being. But the bathroom can be a tricky place for plants. Since virtually every bathroom lacks natural light, it's important to address this before placing any plants on the bathroom cabinet. The lighting conditions are crucial. Before you buy plants, think about where you want to put the green beauties, how much light they will get there and how warm it will be there.

Frida Verde bathroom plants

Colored and Vibrant are ideal for a dark spot, and Fighter and Impressive are particularly at home in a light spot.

Get your plant now and green up your bathroom! Frida Verde X Marso Living Inspiration