Just like Marso Living, Priska Brügger has dedicated herself to a timeless and sustainable concept with her fashion brand PRISÉ . Her designs and wardrobe classics reflect her own casual elegance. We had the pleasure of interviewing the Indonesian designer. Priska gave us an insight into her humble history and life, which began as a street musician in Australia and ended in Switzerland. In addition, she expressed her opinion on clothing and home accessories, which should fulfill a meaning and purpose in a home. Let Priska Brügger and  pinch inspire.


Who are you and what is your story?

I was born in Indonesia, a country with different values ​​than beautiful Switzerland. I studied music in Australia where I played in the streets not only to express my passion for the arts but also to earn a living. This is where I met my husband, with whom I moved to Switzerland. 

Describe yourself and your understanding of art in three words

Visionary, creative, innovative MYMARSOLIVING with Priska Brügger

How did you end up in the world of textiles and how did you actually get into fashion design?

When I was growing up, my mom and I used to go to fabric stores and get fabrics that we would take to the tailor down the street who made our family's clothes. That was the beginning of how I came into contact with fabrics. Later I discovered my passion for art and creation and I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. However, I couldn't go to the prestigious fashion schools, so I looked at their study plans, collected all the books and materials myself and studied them on my own after work. I had to be creative not only in terms of art, but also how to achieve my goal of becoming a fashion designer.

In times of the home office - what is your go-to outfit. In which ensemble do you feel comfortable and self-confident?

I just like it; a nice white shirt, gilded accessories and comfortable linen or cotton pants. There are two typical PRISE looks: a chic, elegant PRISE dress with golden accessories and an all-white look with a white t-shirt and white linen trousers.

MYMARSOLIVING with Priska Brügger

What makes PRISE different from other brands?

The choice of fabrics, the ethical production and the cut. Each design has been tested by me and a few other women around me. I wear my own designs daily and only sell what I believe in 100%. I always make sure that the cut is comfortable to wear while creating a sleek, stylish look.

You are known for your mindful fashion design and sophisticated, minimalist style. What do you look for when shopping for home accessories for your own home?

I buy things that give me positive energy when I look at them in my home. The two most important words for my home would be artistic and personal. I have a preference for beautiful shapes like my tables or sculptures. I also keep various illustrated books around the house as they inspire me to push forward in my profession.

What is your bedtime routine. What do you do before you go to bed?

I meditate and make a plan for the next day, then prepare my outfit while I think through the next day. Before I close my eyes I pray.

MYMARSOLIVING with Priska Brügger
Bedside tables say a lot about a person... what's on yours?

My bedside table is filled with books that I'm reading, and I'm reading a few at a time. I am currently reading these two books:

"Super Attractor" by Gabrielle Bernstein

"The Power of Broke" by Daniel Paisner and Daymond John

Finally, would we like to know if you have any specific mantra or advice for other entrepreneurs trying to start their own business?

Define the end goal and focus on the small goals, every single day.