World Earth Day is held on April 22nd every year to raise awareness about pollution and celebrate our planet's environment . This day is intended to remind us of the need to protect and preserve our environment so that we can make this planet a better place for our future generations .

At Marso Living we are committed to sustainable consumption. On the one hand, this means that the production of our bed linen , bedding , bathroom utensils and children's textiles is designed accordingly, on the other hand, it takes every individual (employee, customer, supplier, etc.) to live up to our promise of sustainability.

Thanks to you, our online shop has seen steady growth since our launch in November 2019. However, this growth not only means an expansion in the product portfolio, but also involves more responsibility. It is therefore still important to do justice to our planet and all of its inhabitants - humans, nature and animals.

We consciously decided on an e-commerce shop for the following two reasons.

1. Best quality at fair prices : We can guarantee this through our lean set-up, the close relationship with our suppliers and through sales without any intermediaries.

2. Proximity to the customer : The e-commerce shop allows us to always learn from you - our valued customers - and to build a community around a more sustainable and beautiful home

Due to the great success of online shop giants such as Zalando or Revolve, an increasing number of returns from customers is being observed, although the direct consequences this has for our environment are often forgotten. Every purchase decision has an impact on our environment.

According to a study by Optoro (2017) , returns generate $5 billion in landfill waste and 15 million tons of CO 2 emissions annually in the US alone, which is equivalent to the amount of garbage produced by 5 million people in a year . In the EU, non-reusable returned products amounted to almost 87 million tonnes or about 170 kg per person in 2016.

Unfortunately, returns also have a major impact on us. For purchases that do not fit in your bathroom or bedroom, or you simply do not like the color or texture of the fabric and the product has already been unpacked, we are unfortunately unable to resell it for hygiene reasons. This means that the “lifespan” of the product is already over when you unpack it.

Therefore, our entire team strives to meet our goal of sustainable consumption with a few measures and to draw your attention to them.

1. #Secondlife : We are currently offering all of our customers the option of sending us their used and old bedding so that we can either dispose of it in accordance with regulations or recycle certain components that can be reused (down and feathers).

2. Fabric samples: Our customers now also have the option of ordering fabric samples for our linen and satin bed linen. The past has shown that the returns mostly come from the fact that the color of the textiles doesn't quite match the bed or bedroom. Order your desired fabric and color in advance for CHF 3 per sample to be sure of your purchase decision. We will collect the CHF 3 per fabric sample throughout the year and donate it to a charitable organization.

Marso Living fabric pattern

Thank you for your amazing support and remember that every purchase decision has an impact on our planet.

Sofia & Marc