"In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take"

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, Noemi always dreamed of traveling the world and discovering new cultures - a childhood dream. After many years of moving around Europe, including different places in Switzerland, she settled down with her husband in Zurich and started building her dream home. Judging by the many wonderful photos on Noemi's social channels, Noemi has great taste and a knack for interior design! Earthy neutral tones and plush textiles fill the otherwise minimalist spaces. From handpicked decoration to custom-made shelves and cupboards, our interview with the new mother Noemi is not only inspiring, but also instructive. Enjoy learning from a real stylist!

#MYMARSOLIVING with Noemi What three words would you use to describe your home furnishings?
Modern, comfortable, personal.

What makes a home feel like "home" to you?
When we were planning our current house and thinking about a suitable keyword, we said the following to the architect: "For us, a house is home if every day there feels like a Sunday". This resulted in the "SUNDAYS" project. And so we experience the cozy Sunday feeling every day in our current home.


What are your favorite stores for your home furnishings?
I don't have a specific place to buy my interior decorations. Basically, I work with small mood boards and then turn to suitable producers for the selection. I can then find something nice and suitable in a vintage market, in a super stylish shop in Milan, or in an original online store like Marso Living. Skilfully combining brings character, personality and thus your own signature.

Name one thing you love about your home?
I love the light and contrasts. I try to emphasize this with my interior design. I enjoy observing the colors during the day and how the tones change depending on the light. My Marso Living

A bed should...
... be beautiful, the bed linen and bedding are very important for a healthy sleep and their design contributes a lot to the appearance of the bedroom. It also has to be practical and comfortable, otherwise my husband wouldn't sleep in the same bed, which would be a shame... ;). I achieve all of this with high quality bedding , beautiful fabrics and colours.

Bedside tables say a lot about a person...what's on yours?
Currently everything I need for breastfeeding and a dimmable lamp for the baby. Otherwise not much more than a book and my favorite lip pomade.

Preferred Bedroom Feature:
The highlight is a small window in the wall facing east. Because of this, we are woken up every morning by the warm rays of the sun. I also like our decorative wallpaper and solid walnut chest of drawers, which just arrived. #MYMARSOLIVING with Noemi

You have recently become the mother of a healthy and so sweet daughter. Congratulations on this!

What is your favorite part of the day with your daughter?
When we still enjoy the time together in bed in the morning and Alisea looks a little sleepy out of the laundry. Or even if she surprises me with a smile, those are magical moments!

Can you name two things that changed during your pregnancy?
I've gotten so patient! Before, I hardly had any patience for anything and now I notice how I suddenly react totally relaxed to many things. It's exciting to watch... and if I'm being honest, it's a totally positive surprise that I wasn't expecting. My Marso Living

How has your sleep changed since Alisea?
Oh yes, sleep is the big topic :D! Alisea is not sleeping constantly at the moment and the sleep phases are sometimes longer or shorter. But mostly between 2 and 4 hours before she gets hungry again. For me, this is one of the biggest challenges at the moment. I've gotten used to 8-9 hours of deep sleep every night, whether it's after a very stressful day or during my pregnancy. This change really bothers me. Falling asleep again isn't easy either, but it gets a little better every time . 

What is most important to you in raising children?
I want Alisea to have a childhood full of love and a strong sense of family. In the family, transparency, honesty and open communication are particularly important to me.

Find more pictures and inspiration from Noemi's home on her Instagram profile .