Which rooms are usually more in focus when furnishing? The first thing that comes to mind are rooms that are also public for our friends and acquaintances. Over the years I have had the privilege of furnishing many apartments and houses. It has become increasingly important to me to set up a bedroom in such a way that it adapts to the needs of the residents. It is the space where we come to rest, dream and regenerate. The bedroom is our personal realm.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind when designing your private dorms to feel completely comfortable in them.

Kind regards, your Didem from Didem Interiors

Tips for a beautiful bedroom with Didem Sharmach

1. Form follows function

As in all rooms, no wish can be left unfulfilled when it comes to furnishing the bedroom. Planning is a process. The placement of each piece of furniture and elements must be well thought out.

If you have an adjoining dressing room, you are one of the lucky ones who can outsource this area. Otherwise, a well-planned wardrobe with interior lighting, various drawers and enough storage space is a very important part of the room. I'm a fan of exploiting every niche for this. It is best if the closet extends from one wall to the next.

Depending on the characteristics of the room, the bed is best placed next to or opposite the window in the middle of the room. The bed should be easily accessible from both sides. Bedside tables, a matching chest of drawers, art that appeals to you personally and if there is still space, a comfortable armchair or bench complete the picture.

Beautiful bed with Marso Living linen sheets MARSOLIVING.COM

2. The right bed

Upholstered beds, low beds, box spring beds, beds with wooden frames, with a headboard or even an upholstered wall? There are no limits to creativity and personal preferences.

Please choose the bed according to the size of the room. I have very often experienced that the bed was much too big for the room, so that the flow in the room was disturbed. There are also beautiful beds without a frame. You can keep the desired mattress size if necessary. For those who want easy access to bed, I recommend high mattresses or box spring beds.

It all depends on the mattress. The most beautiful bed is of no use to us if we cannot sleep well in it. Most people find a harder mattress more comfortable.

3. Textiles

Textiles are writ large in this room. The choice of material also determines the style of the room. Whether clean, elegant, glamorous or in a country house style, you can define all of this with textiles and patterns.

Choose the right bedding . Satin bed linen looks very elegant due to its slight sheen and is easy to care for and breathable. If you like it a little more dignified, you can sleep well in natural linen , especially in the summer months.

With several layers of textile, you get the luxurious sleeping feeling from your favorite hotel in your own bedroom. Depending on the season and style, bedspreads and decorative pillows can add a lot of coziness and texture. If you like it even more comfortable, you should definitely place a matching carpet under the bed. This not only defines the area, it also always ensures warm feet.

Curtains are also a big issue here. I recommend day curtains and night curtains that are opaque so that light does not disturb your sleep.

Marso Living Linen Bed Linen MARSOLIVING.COM

4. The lighting

The right lighting creates the right ambience. If you have high ceilings, take advantage of this and accent it with a beautiful chandelier. For low ceilings, I recommend ceiling lights. These are best placed in the middle at the foot of the bed.

Bedside lamps that emit the light gently upwards or downwards or wall lamps with integrated reading lights are not only decorative, they are simply part of it. Dimmable lights by the bed create more ambience.

Marso Living satin bed linen with bedside table

5. Choose the right color palette

Paint your walls calm, neutral colors. Since the bedroom is your sanctuary, I recommend colors that are calm, peaceful, and soothing. Attention, choose the wall color only after the furnishing. This can wonderfully support the furniture and give the room that certain something.

Depending on your taste, you can choose cooler or warmer neutral tones. If you want to define the bed wall more, you can also opt for an elegant wallpaper.

A bedroom can certainly become an eye-catcher if there is order in it. A well-made bed quickly upgrades the bedroom. This is easily achieved when making the bed becomes a routine. So the bedroom door can stay open sometimes 😉.

Bed made with Marso Living linens MARSOLIVING.COM
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