As a new parent, you may dream of a giggling baby in a bubble bath, but you may find yourself in the middle of a tearful ordeal (and not just for your little one). We've put together helpful baby bathing tips to take your newborn away from the stress and mystery of their first bath - and beyond.

Towel, washcloth and soap

First, make sure you have all the essentials you need within easy reach such as mild soap, washcloths , a hooded towel and a mug for washing up - never leave your baby unattended in the bath so make sure you have everything you need to hand, including fresh clothes for your baby. If you can, place the hooded towel on a radiator so it's warm before the bath ends.

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Fill the tub with lukewarm water (a few inches) and use the inside of your elbow to check that it's not too hot and make sure the room is warm before undressing your baby. Unless you have a tub with a small seat, place baby in the tub and support their back and head with one hand.

Make yourself comfortable

If your child doesn't like baths, you can use reassuring words to reassure them that you're with them every step of the way. Knowing that you are near him all the time gives him the reassurance and security he needs for a calm and happy bath. A good tip to make your baby comfortable is to place wet washcloths on them while gently pouring the water over their body; the towels make the baby feel held and comfortable as being totally naked and unclothed is a new unfamiliar feeling.

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From head to toe

Focus on his face first. Wet the washcloth completely and wash your child's face, especially around the mouth and under the chin where milk and drool can collect, and in and behind the ears. Continue down the body, under the arms and legs and the rest of the body and feet. Use a mild soap if needed.

Wrap the child up

Lay the hooded towel on the floor, lay your baby on it and wrap it up. When your baby is dry, change him to a fresh diaper and clean clothes or pajamas for the evening. If your baby needs a little soothing after the bath, wrap them in a soft blanket and then make yourself comfortable with your clean, sweet-smelling baby.

bathing baby | MARSO LIVING

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