You may have heard the phrase "neutral colors" before and have a vague idea of ​​what it means. Neutral means brown-grey boredom, right? Aren't these the colors you use when you don't know what else to do? Or if you can't decide on the "right" color? NO. Not correct! If that's how you feel about neutral colors, then we'd best start from scratch. Neutral colors are an essential part of great design.

Most designers agree that neutral colors are those colors that have white or gray as their base hue. So, with that definition in mind, you can use either warm neutral colors (with yellow, orange, or red tones) or cool neutral colors (with blue or green tones), as long as they're on the gray or white color spectrum. Let's look at five advantages of furnishing with neutral colors together.

Benefit 1: Neutral colors are visually calming.

By definition, neutral colors are unsaturated (or at least they should be very low in saturation), which is why they're so good at creating a relaxing atmosphere. Your eyes will be able to roam freely through the room without being distracted by individual color accents.

The benefits of neutral colors in Marso Living furnishings

Advantage 2: Neutral colors do not spoil your taste when decorating.

No matter what design or style you prefer, neutral colors will find their place in your interior and among your household items. This is because neutral colors provide an ideal base for furnishing or decoration, so you can easily add additional color planes and/or color accents to create more depth in your rooms. And another plus point: color accents come into their own better when they are surrounded by neutral colors.

Advantage 3: Neutral colors allow you to use patterns and textures without making the decor look too busy.

Thanks to their neutrality, neutral colors benefit a room as they encourage the use of pattern and textured materials without being unsightly or a headache. For example, you can choose neutral colors for your bedding and add patterned decorative covers for a complete look.

Advantage 4: Neutral colors harmonize with any color palette.

The neutral colors of an interior can have warm or cool tones. This versatility enhances the utility of neutrals as a whole––simply determine whether the space benefits from warmth or coolness and choose your favorite neutrals accordingly. Mix up the hues and sheen of the fabrics (gold is neutral!) and your rooms will sing with aesthetic sensuality.

Marso Living The benefits of neutral colors in interior design
Advantage 5: Timelessness.

Have you ever painted a room a bright, bold color or bought fabrics with a newfangled pattern? After that, how long did it take before they wanted to paint over the walls or exchange the textiles for ones in calmer colors? One of the biggest advantages of neutral colors is that most people don't get tired of them. Neutral colors are a timeless choice. If the neutral colors start to bore you, you can easily liven up your room with a few colorful throw pillows or a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

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