When selecting personal care products, we are always looking for brands that share Marso Living's commitment to ethical and responsible manufacturing. Synthetic ingredients and plastic waste not only harm our bodies, our planet and our lakes, rivers and sea, but also our bed linen and bath towels.

What started as a quest for certified organic skincare products in glass bottles has grown into a popular brand; Nooii, with a collection of over 12 different products, all made ecologically. Daniela is passionate about sustainability and one of the many projects she is involved with is supporting the Surfrider Foundation. In this blog post, we learn more about the founder (Daniela), her products, what drives her, her nightly rituals and ways to unwind.

tell us something about yourself

I'm 1.80 m tall, have blond hair and green-grey eyes. I have been living in Switzerland with my husband and our two children for 10 years. We spent the first years in Lucerne and have been living in Kilchberg for 6 years.

Why did you move to Switzerland?

Because of love 😊.

How is life in Kilchberg?

fantastic. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Your favorite place, restaurant, swimming pool or insider tip?

Badi Kilchberg is my favorite place. The kids have fun and I can relax 😊.

You used to be a model, why did you stop and how do you see the industry today?

I stopped modeling when I was in different circumstances with my first child. I was really looking forward to this new chapter in my life and didn't want to be put under pressure by the usual ideals of beauty. Especially not after pregnancy and childbirth. For me, the model world in all its facets was and is a very superficial industry, but one that is emotionally very exhausting for everyone involved.

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What is NOOII?

Nooii is a company that makes skin care products that are good for the body and don't harm the environment.

What made you decide to found NOOII?

I couldn't buy organic certified skin care products in glass bottles anywhere. Many studies have long demonstrated that harmful environmental hormones (man-made chemicals) migrate from the chemical compounds in plastic packaging into products. By applying the products to the skin, they enter the body and can cause cancer, infertility, etc. there.

So I started making my own skin care products in glass bottles 😊.

At the same time, it is also very important to me to draw attention to the fact that the cosmetics industry is one of the largest producers of plastic waste. Every year, tons of plastic end up in our lakes, rivers and ultimately in the sea. And the effects of this catastrophe are now known to all.

How long has NOOII been around?

I founded Nooii in November 2018. So two years. However, I had a research and preparation time of 4 years.

How do you balance your family and NOOII as a mother of 2 children?

With lots of love, perseverance and regular sport 😊.

Why is NOOII unique?

With Nooii I am pursuing a new approach to a sustainable circular economy. This means that when manufacturing a product, I try to use natural packaging materials, produce as little packaging waste as possible and design the product packaging in such a way that it can be reused later. At the same time, I only select high-quality ingredients that are good for the body and nature and are biodegradable.

In my opinion, a business today has a responsibility to minimize the damage that occurs to our planet during the manufacture of a product or to make up for it in another way.

That's why I also give 1% of the proceeds of each product sold to the Surfrider Foundation. Among other things, the organization has campaigned for single-use plastic to no longer be produced. More projects are in the works 😊.

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What were the biggest difficulties you faced with your startup?

For me difficulties or problems are there to be solved. So I don't think about whether it's a big or small problem.

Where can one find your products?

This month we start shipping products to the UK and Germany.

What are the next steps of NOOII?

A lot of exciting things are going to happen in the next few months. We are launching new packaging with optimized recipes for our products and our global online shop is also going online. There will also be new products. But these are still a secret 😉.

How do you relax before you go to bed?

Almost every night before bed, I do progressive muscle relaxation. For me, this type of relaxation is the most effective and it also helps me to sleep very deeply. When I can't sleep, I take a magnesium.

What makes you happy in the morning?

A lukewarm coffee.