Cheeky but classic, provocative but simple and functional, these are the words Larissa Rusca uses to describe her own furnishing style. Larissa and her boyfriend are currently moving into and furnishing their new house near Zurich; an elegant Art Nouveau house with high ceilings and brown herringbone parquet floors, built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. When choosing bed linen and bedding for their bedroom, the young couple chose Marso Living. Our new premium towels can also be found in the bathroom! Be inspired by Larissa and her furnishing style and collect ideas for your own four walls!
Marso Living x Larissa Rusca

What three words would you use to describe your home furnishings?

Functional , simple, provocative
Functional , because every object in the apartment has its uses. I don't like chi chi.
Simple , I'm a big fan of natural colors and simple designs. Marcel Breuer, Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe inspire me with their designs.
Provocative - I love it! My friend I live in an old mansion from the 19th century. With bold but classic designs, we have created a nice break in style.

Where do you go when shopping for furniture and interior accessories?

I love browsing flea markets, antique shops and boutiques for our home while traveling. Especially when traveling you will find unique interior treasures and at the same time they are beautiful memories.

your latest purchase?
Marble mortar from Italy from the Middle Ages. Eye catcher in the kitchen.
It's a shame, because I think there's a lack of individual furniture and interior design shops in Switzerland. Unfortunately, online shopping does not contribute to individualization either. That's why I avoid buying from big suppliers.
Marso Living x Larissa Rusca Bedside tables say a lot about a person...what's on yours?

Always on the dessert no matter where I am; A book I'm reading right now and my jewelry. I can't sleep with earrings in particular, so they're always on the dessert table at night.

My bedtime routine is...

I think I have a pretty simple bedtime routine compared to most women; Remove make-up, brush your teeth and apply lotion - I can't go to bed before that. Exactly in this order and exactly 3 products - done. Snuggle up in the freshly made bed (I love the smell of freshlinen ) and read a few more lines in my book before sinking into my dream world.

My top tip for a restful sleep:
Switch off your cell phone and let your thoughts wander, or simply daydream. Marso Living How many pillows do you use when sleeping?

"More is more" I love pillows ! While sleeping, I need at least two (if not more). Of course, a comfortable, soft pillow and an oversized pillow to hug - otherwise the friend or the duvet will have to do.

My morning routine is...
I've stopped counting LOL. I am (unfortunately) not an early riser, but a real grouch in the morning. I can't do anything before my first coffee. I always delay getting up as much as possible. For me, the best thing in the morning is being able to lie in a warm bed longer.
Marso Living x Larissa Rusca What does a perfect breakfast in bed look like for you?

Chamapgner, Strawberries and my boyfriend (and coffee!) But luckily my boyfriend knows about it and (I think for his own safety 😉) brings me a coffee in bed!

The most important feature of a mattress:

The size! 180 x 200 pure heaven! I sleep like on a cloud - fun fact, with my 160cm I also have space across the bed 🙂

My do's and don'ts when making the bed:

Always air and then shake out the pillow and blanket. I can't leave the house until my bed is made.
Marso Living x Larissa Rusca