The long, cold winter is slowly but surely fading away and spring is just around the corner. Spring cleaning is an excellent way to get rid of old and dusty things and welcome the new season with light in our homes and apartments. Spring really is a new beginning and it gives us so much renewed hope and excitement for what's to come - especially after this long winter of lockdown in this country. Your bedroom is your personal sanctuary and oasis to rest and rejuvenate, so take a few minutes to freshen it up and invite spring into your home.

That's how it's done:

1. Remove and wash all fabrics

This includes duvets , curtains and pillows . All textiles that you do not wash regularly. Textiles accumulate so much dust and other dirt and spring is the perfect time to get rid of it all. If you have rugs in the bedroom, take them outside, shake them well and leave them in the sunlight for a few hours. This will air them out properly and improve the overall air quality in the room.

You will find short washing instructions sewn on to your Marso Living products. A more detailed description of the correct care of your bedding and textiles can be found here.

2. Turn the mattress over

As well as settling down, wash your pillows, duvets and mattress pads. Then vacuum your mattress and turn it over. This ensures even wear of your mattress and should be done twice a year.

After you're done with all the laundry, reward yourself by covering the bed with your favorite linens . Do you know how great it feels to curl up in a freshly made bed after a long day? This will feel a hundred times better!

3. Invest in some air-purifying plants or flowers

You really should have some air-purifying plants in your bedroom year-round. These provide clean air and extra oxygen, which improves your sleep and makes you wake up refreshed. Now is the perfect time to give your bedroom a green boost.

If you prefer plants with flowers, peace lilies and flamingo lilies are easy to care for and absorb large amounts of toxins. If you prefer the evergreen kind, ficus, snake plant and devil's ivy are some great choices for your bedroom. In addition to improving air quality, plants in the bedroom also give a fresh look.

And if you don't want to settle for a permanent plant - nothing says spring like a fresh bouquet of flowers! Even a few tulips from the supermarket will make a big impression and add a beautiful accent to your bedroom.

4. Switch scents

If you are one of the many who like to keep scented candles in the bedroom, then now is the perfect time to get rid of those winter scented candles. Gone are the days of warm cinnamon and orange, now is the season for floral, fruity and refreshing scents to wake you up and energize you. A new detergent scent also works wonders to awaken your senses!

5. Remove all signs of winter

Be it the heavy coats hanging in the closet, the woolen socks in the drawer or any decorative leftovers from winter. Now it's time to get rid of all that. This is the perfect opportunity to declutter and reorganize.

Remove any items lying around that aren't serving you well in the new season. Make sure your space is light and airy, like spring itself. When we declutter, it not only gives us peace of mind, it also gives us an opportunity to start fresh.

Happy spring cleaning!