We believe it is possible to change the world by leading by example and paying attention to all aspects of our business, from using sustainable textiles to packaging.

That's why we chose the packaging of the Swedish company Avisera and their "ÅterBära-labelled" (translated "BringBack") packaging to make a positive impact on the environment and at the same time create a climate balance for the CO2 emissions of the products!

We have 100% climate neutral packaging

What is "ÅterBeara"?

ÅterBära is the first Swedish eco-label for 100% climate-neutral packaging from Avisera. With the help of an external sustainability agency, Avisera has carried out climate analyzes to determine the level of carbon emissions generated during the life cycle of a specific product. This includes the path from the production of the incoming materials to the materials in the transport packaging, the actual transport, the energy consumption during production, printing and finally delivery to the customer. Avisera offsets carbon emissions through two Verra certified tree planting projects. To ensure that the products are 100% carbon neutral, profit margins are also included in the analysis.

Marso living packaging

Tree planting projects

Avisera offsets carbon emissions by preserving the forest and planting trees in the Amazon region of Brazil. The tree planting project is VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) recognized and Verra certified and contributes to the global goals of the UN.

We are proud that the ÅterBära project contributes to good social impact. The trees not only protect forests from deforestation, but also sequester carbon dioxide, making local communities less vulnerable to climate change and creating jobs and providing smallholder farmers with a more stable source of income.

So the next time you see a package from us, save it for later and use it again because together we can make a difference.

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