O lovely spring...

Spring brings new life, birdsong, fresh air, soft sunshine and playfulness into our lives. Inspired by the nature of this beautiful season, we can bring the spring feeling home with simple means. The bedroom is the personal space and the oasis of retreat and in my opinion deserves special treatment.

Here are my tips for a quick spring look in the bedroom: Didem Marso Living

White, white, white

It should be extra clean and fresh. The color white gives the room freshness and purity.

Yes, we are changing to white bedding to create a bright and soothing room feel. You can relax on a white-covered bed, even during the day.

It doesn't matter whether the bedroom is furnished in a modern, romantic or rustic style. White bed linen can be integrated into any look.

Goodbye to heavy materials

Heavy elements like rugs and velvet pillows feel out of place this time of year.

Now is the time for satin, linen and fine cotton. Light home textiles for bedspreads or quilts spice up the room enormously. These can be laid casually on the bed or spread out completely to decorate the bed.

If you want a little more change, you can replace the heavy curtains with light ones and let more daylight into the room Didem Marso Living

Fresh flowers and twigs are the order of the day

Without a doubt, the easiest way to conjure up spring fever is with seasonal greenery, flowers or blossoms.

I'm a big fan of long lush branches from the garden in their full glory. Be it cherry, apple or magnolia. Arranged in a large vase, they have a great visual impact.

Not forgetting fresh tulips in every color and lush peony flowers that exude gentle elegance. On a chest of drawers or on the bedside table, they unfold their fresh scent of spring in the air.

Those who like color can now score with pastel shades

Delicate shades ranging from blue to green to yellow are friendly, cheerful and set accents. They can be combined with neutral colors and different types of wood.

Subtle plays of color with the textiles, such as a few throw pillows and a soft-to-the-touch bedspread, have a quick and effective effect. Gentle quilting or small patterns make the look individual. Didem Marso Living

One last tip:

The bedroom is still our oasis of well-being and our place of relaxation. Therefore, the decoration with lush room decorations, many green plants or different colors and patterns should not be overdone.

Enjoy spring to the fullest.

Your Didem from Didem Interiors