The colors of your rooms and your textiles directly reflect your personality. Although many of us rarely think about colors, they affect us every day. The colors that surround us in our home affect our mood, sleep and thoughts.

You don't have to follow any trends to have a beautiful home. Color fads come and go. The people who live in a home make it beautiful by choosing colors that reflect their personality and their preferences. Colors can change the size and shape of furniture and even the layout and size of a room.

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Make a wise choice

Remember that every color has a psychological effect. Think about how certain colors make you feel; Colors can affect emotions from relaxation to anger. In order to let peace and harmony into your home, you should make a wise choice of colors. Some colors can--too much--have the exact opposite effect on you and your loved ones.

Choosing a color for your bedroom (both for walls and textiles) can be a particular challenge. I'm sure we can all agree that shades of color in the bedroom should convey a certain amount of calm and peacefulness -- although of course these terms can mean something different to each of us.

The bedroom is your place to relax. It is your sanctuary of serenity and should exude calming energy. One of the easiest ways to create that calm, cozy atmosphere is to use color consciously for walls and for textiles such as linens, bedspreads and decorations. Choosing cool colors is recommended for this. These shades of color are proven to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and even make your bedroom look bigger.

Colors in the bedroom - how they affect your mood

Navy blue

At Marso Living, we simply know that the best bedroom color for a good night's sleep is blue, especially navy blue. Believe us––people whose bedrooms and/or decorations are blue often sleep longer than those who sleep in other colored bedrooms. Blue has a calming effect and promotes sleep. Also, your brain is particularly sensitive to blue hues thanks to special receptors on your retina called ganglion cells. These cells are particularly sensitive to blue, as opposed to other colors. So when you see something blue, the ganglion cells are sending a message to your brain that you're in a calming environment--your heart rate will slow down and your blood pressure will drop.

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If blue isn't your style, try keeping your bedroom in relaxing tones like grey, silver, or neutral beiges and whites, as these cool colors can also help lower blood pressure and heart rate.

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