Enjoy the long nights and cozy mornings even more with our four bedroom tips for the winter season.

Make your bed winter-ready

First things first: your bed deserves a winter makeover. Swap your lightweight summer duvet for a warm winter duvet and tuck in a cozy duvet for extra warmth, to tuck up on cooler nights or leave at the end of the bed when you're feeling warmer.

Cozy bedroom for winter | MARSO LIVING

Choose the right textiles

Now it's time to swap out the airy linen bedding for something more durable. To create the ultimate winter bed, you need to choose cozy yet breathable textiles for your bedding. Natural textiles such as B. Cotton are the warmest and most comfortable choice for winter. Our satin bed linen collection is ideal for autumn and winter.

Cozy bedroom for winter | MARSO LIVING

Choose a warm color palette

Colors that are on the warm end of the spectrum create a real sense of comfort. Swap your white bedding for beige, sand or anthracite , to name just a few.

Cozy bedroom for winter | MARSO LIVING

Make your bed extra cozy with a blanket.

A throw blanket on the bed gives you an extra layer of warmth and style. An extra blanket made of natural materials over your duvet will keep you warm even on the coldest night. Our newest bedspread is as warm and soft as your favorite winter jumper. Crafted from super soft merino wool and cashmere, it looks casual and feels ultra-luxe. It's easy to carry from bed to sofa and back again.
The Marso Living blanket is a 'must-have' for every bedroom and living area. Made from pure cashmere and the finest merino wool in Europe, our classic plaid enchants with the utmost luxury and incomparable softness.

Create a soft landing pad

Don't make getting up harder than it has to be! Create a soft landing area next to the bed by laying down a short rug or, why not, a faux fur. The plush texture adds to the cosiness of the room in cool weather - and makes it that little bit easier to step out of the comfort of the duvet.

Cozy bedroom for winter | MARSO LIVING