Michaela has been enchanting people with her blog anaela.ch since October 2019 and gives her readers and Instagram followers insights into her life in a very personal way. Michaela has a great affinity for beauty. In her blog posts and on her Instagram profile, she shows her personal style of clothing, her favorite dishes, takes the community with her on trips, shows very simple do-it-yourself tricks or inspires others with her interior design ideas.

In this blog post we get to know Michaela better and prepare our home for cooler autumn days together. https://www.anaela.ch

Tell us a little bit about yourself (job, age, family...)

I am 43 years old and originally from Lucerne, but have been living with my husband in the Basel area for over 10 years. I have filled my backpack in the areas of marketing, communication, advertising and visual design, so that I can describe and live out my current profession as a passionate graphic designer.

I'm a visual person, which definitely shows in my everyday life. As an aesthete with a love of detail, sometimes even the smallest aperitif can turn into an unplanned event with all the bells and whistles. Since the eye eats well before the appetizers. Be it a lovingly laid table, harmonious decoration, a fine scent of candles... My friends and family, from the oldest to the youngest, should simply feel comfortable with us and have a good time.

At the moment I'm dreaming of my own studio. A place where I can switch and rule and also leave something lying around undisturbed. Because my multifunctional office is a workshop, carpenter's workshop, flower shop and creative space all at the same time. Here I let off steam in my free time painting, implementing smaller DIY projects, tinkering with dried flowers, designing graphic work (for weddings, births, company logos, etc.), sawing, painting and sanding. So if anyone knows a place in the area around Liestal, yay, please let us know 😉

We found out that you live in the Basel area, but your heart is in Lucerne and your soul is in Ticino. How is it and what distinguishes these three places for you?

I grew up around Lucerne, that's where my family and friends are. With my heart and one leg I will always be rooted in the region. Just because of the many lakes and mountains and because it's simply a "ruefully" beautiful city. I've known Ticino since I was a child, from many family holidays, and it's full of great experiences and memories. A long weekend in the Sonnenstube is immediately associated with a holiday feeling. I just like Ticino and if I'm honest, I'd like to have a little more southern genes in me. Well, Ticino is the most obvious option in a nutshell. The move to the Basel area has exactly one reason: dear love. And meanwhile I have also learned to love and appreciate the region. The sun shines here practically as often as in Ticino.

Where do you like to spend the autumn time (Lucerne, Basel or in Ticino)?

Quite spontaneously? In Ticino! Because the days are just a little bit warmer and sunnier. There is practically no fog there (as in the Basel area) and there is a lake (as in Lucerne). So the perfect middle ground. But actually every region has its charm in autumn.

For those who have not yet been to Lucerne, Basel or Ticino, what do you have to see and where should you have eaten?

Until Corona, it was a highlight to do the obligatory, annual laps on the Ferris wheel at the autumn fair on Münsterplatz and to enjoy the evening atmosphere over the roofs of Basel. In Ticino I look forward to the first swim in the Maggia with my friends every year. Here you can relax wonderfully and the cool water is a dream. In Lucerne, the Neustadt quarter provides colorful entertainment in all areas. Those who like to be by the water will also find cozy spots along the Reuss, as well as around the lake basin, where the annual Blueballs always took place in summer until before Corona. And not to forget, of course, the Lucerne Carnival. Also always worth a visit. If you jump over to anaela.ch , you will also find one or the other tip regarding the culinary part. #MYMARSOLIVING with Michaela Fässler

How did your blog come about?

It's very simple: I simply needed an outlet or vessel where I could place and live out all my ideas and creative work. A blog was the obvious thing for me.

What was your first post about

About my vacation in Portugal and one of the hotels we stayed in. I fell head over heels in love with this country and will definitely visit again. Sometime. Soon. Hopefully.

DIY can make life easier, what favorite trick would you like to share with our readers?

Sometimes the simplest things are enough for a quick DIY. For a beautifully set table, I often help myself from the garden. A little bush here, a little twig there and a few flowers are often enough to create a nice ambience. There are examples of this on my account under #anaelagastfreundschaft Analea Marso Living

Your homemade dishes look so delicious! When are you going to write a cookbook? Can you tell us your favorite dish and the recipe that goes with it?

Thank you very much, I'm glad to hear that. I guess I'd rather skip the cookbook thing. Although I do have a title: «Wrist times Pi!» So I'm rethinking it. Puhhh, I have a few or no clear favorite dishes. In general, I really like the light, fresh and Mediterranean cuisine.

How would you describe your interior style and where do you get inspiration for your own home?

Because I would describe it as #Northern Itteran. This is the balancing act between two regions and their attitude to life, which could not be more different. From the north directly to the south of Europe, once through, without stopping. I really like Nordic design. The clear, puristic and unadorned is exactly my taste. At the same time, I'm totally taken with the Mediterranean lifestyle and love the natural, raw and rustic elements.

What makes home feel like home to you?

When you are warmly welcomed by the people who live in it. Has nothing at all to do with the interior, but for me it is one of the most important things. If it is also coherently, harmoniously and comfortably furnished, I feel very comfortable. #MYMARSOLIVING with Michaela Fässler

Unfortunately, we didn't have a great summer in 2021... But now we're hoping for a sunny and warm autumn. Since you yourself have a great affinity and enthusiasm for interiors, we wanted to ask you what tips you can give to make your own home suitable for autumn?

  • fall cleaning? no
  • decoration? Candles, candles, candles, cozy blankets on the sofa and dried flowers

Of course, we are most interested in your bedroom.

  • Do's and don'ts in the bedroom? A TV is definitely a don't for me.
  • How many pillows do you use? Really use exactly one, my pillow. One or the other copy is added for decorative purposes.
  • Down or synthetic? down
  • What color of bedding do you like best? Does this differ depending on the season? There are mainly light colors like white, lime, beige, gray, acqua and sage colors. The time of year is secondary for me.
  • Which patterns or colors do not go at all in a bed? Well, whatever he likes. I can't do anything with patterns that are too wild. I generally avoid bright colors. And my Garfield duvet suit from childhood wouldn't make it into the bedroom today either.
  • How do you prepare your bedroom for fall or even winter? So I don't make too many changes. Maybe a couple of throw pillows more than usual (laughs) and a cozy muslin throw. There is also a candle on the bedside table and often a cup of tea.

What insights and blog posts can readers look forward to in the future?

I would like to devote myself a little more to the topic of cooking, where I not only show dishes in stories, but also write one or the other recipe as a blog post. And one or the other idea for a DIY is also in the pipeline.

Last question: early riser or night owl?

I'm an early riser, although towards the evening I keep mutating into a night owl. I should definitely enjoy my bed and the cozy linens longer. 

#MYMARSOLIVING with Michaela Fässler