55% of pet owners sleep with at least one dog. That's why you should be one of them.

Whether you're single, in a relationship, or married, if you have a dog, chances are he'll sleep in your bed with you. One study found that 55% of pet owners sleep with at least one dog. That's good news!

Although sleeping with your dog has always been a topic of discussion, studies show overwhelming benefits - some of which may surprise you. We fully understand that you may be skeptical about your dog's hygiene and discipline or even maintaining intimacy in the bedroom when your dog sleeps in your bed. But we've got a few reasons why sleeping with your dog can seriously improve your life, and even some solutions for maintaining a happy, healthy, and clean relationship with your pets in bed.

Sleeping with the dog Marso Living

Sleeping with your dog can improve your mental health.

Pets, especially dogs, are known to promote physical health. They require some level of physical activity - through play and walking - and bring love and laughter to any home.

Like physical health, mental health has a direct impact on sleep quality. The US Service Animal's Organization says dogs can offer emotional support or therapy to their owners on a case-by-case basis. If you have trouble sleeping due to depression, stress or anxiety, letting your dog sleep in the bed can give you peace of mind. Studies show that a dog's warmth and protective nature can naturally lower blood pressure and make you feel safe. Knowing that your dog is around can also spike oxytocin levels and make you feel joy, calm, and love.

Furry friends ensure coziness and comfort.

The key to a good night's sleep is comfort. Along with the perfect bedding, cool temperatures, and soothing darkness, research shows that dogs keep you cozy during the night. Your dog's presence can help reduce insomnia and nightmares by relieving you of loneliness. One study found that people living with PTSD can develop a fear of sleep over time. However, sleeping with dogs improved their sense of security, promoted serenity, and made it easier to fall asleep.

Improved health and comfort lead to better sleep quality.

You might be wondering if a dog in my bed wouldn't bother me at night? No! Studies suggest that sleeping with a dog does just the opposite - in fact, it's relaxing with little or no disruption to sleep.

It has been scientifically proven that sleeping with a dog improves mental health, makes single people feel safe, caring and secure, and promotes an active lifestyle in the mornings. Taken together, these benefits lead to the greatest benefit of all: high quality sleep.

Tips for sleeping together with your dog

Whether you already do or are seriously considering it, sharing a bed with your dog should be easy.

We recommend light mattress pads and duvets that are easy to wash. Also opt for light and breathable cotton bed linen . You don't want the combined body heat of you and your dog making sleeping hot and uncomfortable. And finally: keep your furry friends clean! If your dog is used to sharing spaces like your bed or even your couch with you, it's in your best interest to groom and wipe him down as often as possible.

Sleeping with the dog Marso Living