October is just around the corner with its beautiful colorful trees and cold temperatures, and we're getting our home ready for the season, inspired by our favorite Nordic IG accounts.

A comfortable bed is everything.
Linen and pillows in neutral colors complete the bed.

Nordic Inspiration Marso Living Switzerland

Bring nature indoors.
A vase and a simple branch from a tree make the perfect decoration.

Nordic Inspiration Marso Living Switzerland

A place to sit.
Autumn is the time for reflection and relaxation. Make sure you have a comfortable seat and a candle to light during the dark hours.

Something to look at.
Less is more, but we like big works of art like in this beautiful bedroom.

A place to lie down.
Netflix, hot chocolate and a big comforter are all you need this fall.

The bedside table.
Often forgotten, but so important. Fill your bedside table with a reading lamp, a candle, your favorite books and some nature.

Enlarge the space with a mirror.
Small room? A mirror lets you magnify it, and we love the rounded shapes.

How to hibernate.
Here's how to prepare for cold evenings.

Monday - Sunday
This is how we would like to spend every morning in bed.