Lying on the sofa under a warm, fluffy blanket on cool autumn days: It doesn't get any more comfortable than this. Wool blankets can become scratchy, warp or shrink with the wrong care. There are a few tricks to prevent this or to get an old blanket soft again.

This way your blanket stays soft forever

wash properly

Wool is a very delicate fabric, but thanks to new machines you no longer have to wash it by hand. Be sure to select the wool cycle in the washing machine – or simply a wash cycle with the lowest possible temperature and fewer revolutions. A wool detergent also protects your blanket: It contains no bleach and forms a particularly fine, pH-neutral foam that protects the material from wear and tear and pilling.

Dry properly

Attention: You must never tumble dry wool, wring it out or rub it together. That destroys the structure. You'll get the best results if your rug is allowed to dry flat (on a drying rack, for example). The wool could warp when hung up.


If you use your wool blanket often, lint will develop. They don't look nice and feel less soft. This problem is easy to solve: there are electric or manual lint shavers that you can use to remove them.

Made from pure cashmere and the finest merino wool

Made of pure cashmere and the finest merino wool: blanket